This is getting outright ridiculous.

The Bank of Japan is now depreciating the Yen against the $USD on an almost hourly basis.

This is the Yen carry trade. And it’s the SINGLE BIGGEST DRIVER OF THE MARKETS TODAY. As you can see, in the last two weeks, the S&P 500 is following this pair almost tick for tick.


I want to be clear here… for a MAJOR world currency to move like this is almost unprecedented. By some metrics, the Yen is now moving like a currency from a developing 3rd world country.

This price fix will break as all price fixes do. And when it does, the markets are going to crash. The S&P 500 will go to at least 2,050 if not 1,850.

That’s 18% down from here.


Another Crisis is brewing… the time to prepare is now.

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