Is a Cash Ban and Carry Tax Coming to the US?

Europe has banned the use of €500 bills. The reason? They claim these bills are used in money laundering and for drugs. And if you believe that is the concern, you probably believe the earth is flat. The fact of the matter is that Europe is now the center for

The Next 2008 Event Is Lurching Towards Us

As we noted yesterday, the ECB cannot and will not be able to generate GDP growth or inflation. The EU is simply too leveraged. You cannot have an entire region sporting a Debt to GDP of over 90%… with banks leveraged at 26 to 1 using sovereign debt as collateral

A Few Facts About Gold That Nay-Sayers Conveniently Ignore

We continue to see articles by so called “experts” trashing Gold and Silver as investments. Gold is everything from a “Pet Rock” to a “Dumb Investment” or “Barbarous Relic.” Do these people even bother doing research? Or are they just stock shills? First and foremost, you cannot compare Gold’s performance

How Much Longer Until This Bubble Bursts?

It’s been a rough week for stocks. Traders gunned for 2,100 on the S&P 500 time and again. All of those efforts failed to hold. And this was despite the Fed failing to raise rates again. The market is now rolling over and likely to test the downward trendline established

The Sad Truth About the State of the Financial System Today

For seven years, the world has operated under a complete delusion that Central Banks somehow fixed the 2008 Crisis. All of the arguments claiming this defied common sense. A 5th grader would tell you that you cannot solve a debt problem by issuing more debt. If the below chart was

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Been Buying Stocks…

Futures are looking weak again. Traders gunned for 2,100 on the S&P 500 last week. They briefly touched that level, but there was no follow through for the obvious reason: no one with a brain believes this rally. We’ve broken above the downward trendline established by a series of lower

Will Stocks Collapse 24% in the Next Three Months?

Will stocks collapse 24% (a Crash) in the next three months? For the first time since the 2009 bottom, Earnings Per Share (EPS) have diverged sharply to the downside from stocks. There are a lot of reasons why investors buy stocks… but at the end of the day, they all

The US Economy is Rolling Over… Are Stocks Next?

In the US economy is most assuredly moving into, if not already in a recession. The media trumpeted the amazing 2.0% growth rate initially forecast for the first quarter of 2016. That forecast has since collapsed to 0.3%. This is the same game Government beancounters have been playing for years:

Inflation is the Goal… and Central Banks Will Stop at Nothing to Get It!

The markets are prepping for the next massive round of QE. As I noted earlier this week, NIRP has been entirely ineffective at generating Central Bankers’ desired “inflation.” The ECB has cut rates into NIRP four separate times only to find itself with 0% inflation. In contrast, the Bank of

Is It 2008 All Over Again? (China Hype and Hope)

The world has not yet full realized the magnitude of the slowdown in China. The “official” China growth numbers claim the Chinese economy is plowing along at 6%. I use quotations around the word “official” because Chinese economic data points are complete fiction. Indeed, back in 2007, no less than

The Fed is Creating an Inflationary Storm

The Fed is rapidly losing control. Core inflation has already broken above 2% despite a complete collapse in commodity prices (the cost of living for many household items). This happened when OIL was also  imploding. ———————————————————————– The Single Best Options Trading Service on the Planet  THE CRISIS TRADER has produced

The Fed WANTS Inflation

The Fed has unleashed inflation. And it wants more of it. From mid-2014 until early 2016, commodities as an asset class, collapsed some 45%. This was an all out bloodbath. But despite this collapse in prices, inflation began to perk up. Since that time, numerous Fed officials, including Fed Vice-Chair


The Real Reason the Fed Will Not Raise Rates Again

The Fed is “one and done” for rate hikes. It will not raise rates again. We called this back in mid-2015. The US economy is far too weak for the Fed to engage in anything resembling a series of rate hikes. Corporate leverage, household leverage, even the national debt stand

EU Banks Back to the Levels at Which They Were First “SAVED!”

If you’re an investor who wants to protect yourself from the coming bear market, then you NEED to take out a trial subscription to our paid premium investment newsletter Private Wealth Advisory. Private Wealth Advisory is a WEEKLY investment newsletter with an incredible track record. To wit… in the last


EU Banks Depleted Capital Bases Even During Crisis!

This is incredible. Even in the midst of a crisis, these banks were paying out dividends that EXCEEDED retained earnings! Euro-area banks weakened their capital bases by paying substantial dividends throughout the crisis years, especially in France, Spain and Italy, where payouts since 2007 have exceeded the level of retained

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