Stocks Could Easily Fall 40% From Here

The US is in a recession. Quarterly earnings by publicly traded corporations have fallen for SIX straight quarters. That covers a time of 18 months. This has never happened outside of a recession. Against this economic backdrop, stocks are in “la la land” rallying to new all-time highs. The more

A BIG Money Making Move Just Appeared on the Horizon

Let’s take a step back and look at the world from a 30,000 foot perspective. First of all, the US is moving into if not already in recession. I know that the media tells us that we have unemployment below 5% and that things are great. That is a lie.


The Entire Move Higher Was Based on a Lie

The Bank of Japan came out this morning and admitted that helicopter money is not on the agenda. The yen pared an advance against the dollar as it emerged that an interview in which Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda dismissed the idea of so-called helicopter money was conducted in

Read This Before Investing Another Cent….

While CNBC and other perma-bulls claim that the stock market is a great investment today, the smart money is already prepping for a disaster. Goldman Sachs has told its clients to “sell at the new high.” Credit Suisse just told its clients stocks “haven’t looked this worrisome since the tech

The Fed is Terrified… Are You Ready For What’s Coming?

Central Bankers are absolutely terrified. Case in point, yesterday Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester suggested that the “next step” in monetary policy is “Helicopter money.” Here are the key quotes: However, Dr Mester signalled that in the event of another shock or economic downturn that most likely option would be

Good Luck Getting Your Money Out When the Next Crisis Hits

Behind the veneer of “all is well” being promoted by both world Governments and the Mainstream Media, the political elite have begun implementing legislation that will permit them to stop you from getting your money out of the system during the next crisis. This strategy has already been employed in

Europe Wasn’t “SAVED” in 2012… and It’s In Even MORE Trouble Now

So the world has woken up and realized what we’ve been pointing out for four years now… that Europe wasn’t fixed in 2012. European Financials have fallen back to levels not seen since the Crisis was raging to the point that France and Germany floated the idea of imposing capital

A Big Money Making Move is Right Around the Corner… Are You Ready?

The rally last week was likely end of the quarter performance gaming and little else. Fund managers have to report their returns every quarter. With the markets gyrating throughout 2Q16, fund managers were highly incentivized to gun the markets higher in order to redeem the quarter. However, bonds (the smart

Two MAJOR Warnings Not to Trust This Rally

The market has exploded higher based on verbal intervention. The verbal intervention came from Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble. Yesterday Schauble announced that, “measures to avoid market chaos have been successful.” Traders took this to mean that Central Banks were coordinated a massive intervention. So everyone on the planet bought

Prepared Investors Will See BIG MONEY From These Black Swans

Today is the Brexit vote. When this ends, the world can move on to the other numerous Black Swans waiting to hit. Firstly, the consensus is that the US is the early stages of a recovery. Consensus believes GDP growth will be 2.5%+ this year. This is happening when the

The Single Most Dangerous Chart in the World Spells Doom For Stocks

The media is focused on the Brexit. It is missing out on the biggest story in the financial world. That story is the US Dollar. The Dollar’s rapid rise in mid-2014 is what kicked off ALL of the global turmoil we’ve experienced. The US Dollar’s rally demolished oil, commodities, emerging

Forget the BREXIT… This is a MUCH Bigger Issue

Stocks exploded higher last week on hopes that the tragedy in Britain would not result in a Brexit. The ramp job continued into Monday morning… but there it ended. Stocks erupted higher Monday morning but then gradually gave back most of their gains. The fact of the matter is Brexit

Market Update: Two Developments to Note

The market bounced hard last week when a British MP was killed. The consensus view is that this tragedy will somehow turn Brits against a Brexit. Britain is voting whether or not to leave the EU this coming Thursday. From a technical perspective, the S&P 500 tried several times to

The Last Time We Had This Setup, Investors Saw Triple Digit Gains

The stock market is in a massive bubble. This is not up for debate. The median Price to Sales ratio on S&P 500 companies is over two. That doesn’t sound like a lot until you consider that during the Tech Bubble it didn’t clear 1.6 and during the Housing Bubble

The Fed Is Losing Control of the System

The Fed is losing control of the markets. Yesterday the Fed failed to raise rates… again. It also lowered its rate hike forecast to just one rate hike this year (down from two) and possibly three rate hikes next year (down from four). Despite these dovish developments, stocks cratered. We

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